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Landscape Painters and Their Different Points of View

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It’s important for each painter to have their own point of view, one that translates the observed landscape into their personal handling of forms and composition in their painting. Bill’s PowerPoint presentation will show how these painters who work ”en plein air” select visual traits in nature that are given a personal emphasis and expression in their paintings.  

Not all plein air paintings are small and one shot, some are large and sustained over time. Some are very painterly and some quite graphic in effects.  The painters I have selected avoid the sentimental and picturesque qualities of their subjects, as they seek something different.

Bill White has been a painter since his youth and received a BFA from The Philadelphia College of Art and MFA in painting and drawing from Tyler School of Art (Temple University).  Bill then taught for 40 years while exhibiting in the Mid-Atlantic region.  He moved from Roanoke, VA to Caledonia, NY in 2017 to be near family and opened The Village Gallery there.  Bill joined GVPAP in the fall, 2017.