Eleventh ANNUAL GVPAP SHOW (2016)


The Eleventh Annual Show and Sale at Pittsford Barnes & Noble was open to the public for the month of January. From 110 paintings submitted, 70 were juried in by judge Kurt Moyer. Awards were presented on Sunday, January 3, and are listed below. For pricing of work for those that may still be for sale, click for a PDF of the price list. Collecting and owning a special piece of artwork is rewarding, and this is a great chance to own an original plein air painting!

Best of Show

Deborah Bilinski, Grossman Pond

Grossman Pond

Juror Awards

Claudine Bartlett, Red Barn Parking

Deborah BilinskiHouston Pond

Kevin FearyAugust Day on Mill Street

Kevin FearyMaternity Farm

Kevin FearyCorn Field on Keller Road

Stephen SidareThe Pond Beyond

Merit Awards

Claudine Bartlett, Marina Fuel Pump

Claudine Bartlett, Coal Dealer

Kevin FearyGreen Variations

Kevin FearyLate Autumn Colors

Don GriegerCaledonia Farm

Don GriegerOld Gray Shed

Barbara JablonskiFinger Lakes XX

Nina RuppEarly May