Note: Artists' names in bold indicate charter members (founding members).

Red names link to artist websites  (if available).

Many GVPAP members are professional artists. They are represented by regional and national fine art galleries. Additionally, many are professional art instructors. Please view the artist's personal website to learn more about the artist and where you may see their paintings.

Signature Artists:

Phil Bliss
Steve BonDurant

Kevin Feary 
Don Grieger 
Kathleen Hess
Barbara Jablonski, (President)
Gil Jordan
Dick Kane 
Jeffrey Swaluk

Associate Artists: 

Karen Arieno
Teri Barlis
Claudine Bartlett
Deborah Bilinski
Fran Bliek
Doug Bloom
Alan Brewen
Terry Brooks
Phyllis Bryce Ely   
Cecelia Chang
Jan Davidson    
Roberta (Bobbi) Gradl
Lee Hanford
Doris Hooker     
Anne Jurgens
Christian Kolupski
Nancy Lane
Juanita Link
Carl (Andy) Lloyd
Brenda Lyness
Christopher Manaseri
Kathy Mannix
Paul Martin
Carole Morgan
Kathleen Morris
Stacey Pope
Barbara Prince
Dawn Robinson  
Nina Rupp
Steve Sidare
Judy Soprano  
Amy Stummer
Carol Thiel
Richard Thomas
Ethan Welch
Cynthia Westfall
Richard Westfall

Freshman Artists: 

John Heister
Teri Silsby