Criteria of membership in GVPAP are:

  • Applicants must have experience painting out of doors, on site, in “plein air" prior to application in GVPAP.

  • Applicants must adhere to GVPAP's definition of plein air painting that 85% of painting must be done on site in plein air.

  • Applicants must be committed to paint in plein air regularly as well as participate in GVPAP paintouts. A minimum of three GVPAP paintouts per year is required annually.

  • Applicants must be willing to sign up and participate in volunteer opportunities

  • Applicants must be willing to promote GVPAP's mission, objectives, policies, guidelines as well as contribute to the well being of the organization.

Membership is contingent upon approval by the Board of Directors.

Associate Artist Membership

To be accepted as an Associate Artist Member of Genesee Valley Plein Air Painters Incorporated, a person must:

  • Be a practicing, aspirational and/or experienced plein air artist; be committed to pursuing plein air painting while striving for quality work and personal growth;

  • Honor the definition of plein air painting which states that 85% of a painting must be done on site in “plein air” (in open air; natural light). All painting mediums are welcome;

  • Be committed to participating in GVPAP paintouts and other activities [attendance at a minimum of three (3) GVPAP paintouts per year is required to maintain membership];

  • Be committed to helping and volunteering in GVPAP;

  • Honor the policies of GVPAP; promote the objectives and well being of the Corporation;

  • Be a resident of NYS living in the Greater Rochester Area known as the Genesee Valley/Finger Lakes Region;

  • Have an email address (mandatory).

Note: An Associate Artist Member may become a Signature Artist Member through the GVPAP jury process.

Benefits of Membership in GVPAP, Inc.

  • Participate in regularly scheduled paintouts and painting sessions. (GVPAP guarantees one paintout per month—we have been scheduling 4-5 per month in the warm months and 2-4 per month in the cold months.

  • Members in good standing may enter their exclusively-plein air work in juried and judged art shows. All GVPAP art shows are competitive.

  • Receive art information, demonstrations and workshops by experienced plein air painters.

  • Receive monthly E-LETTERS containing pertinent plein air information and regional news about activities, members and painting tips.

  • Have a presence on the GVPAP website

  • Become a “Signature” Artist Member through the GVPAP jury process.

  • Enjoy all the rights and privileges of membership in the Corporation including voting for the Board of Directors (elections are in 2017).


  • There will be only one annual business meeting; that being the annual meeting.

  • There will be social activities.

  • As of October 1, 2018, dues for the program year will be $35. (Thirty-five dollars is payable from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019.)

  • Seasonally inactive plein air painters are welcome; contingent on fulfilling annual paintout participation and volunteer responsibilities.

  • Only members in good standing may participate in GVPAP art shows.


How To Apply For Membership

Interested in joining GVPAP?  Please thoroughly review our membership criteria.

Then email the following information to:

  • Convey your art experience; particularly your plein air painting experience. Include frequency of painting plein air, your experience, training, medium(s), locations painting outdoors, etc.

  • Send jpeg samples (4 or more) of your plein air works. These paintings must be your own original work, and must not be done in a workshop or otherwise under the tutelage of an instructor, nor be aided by means of photography. Also, they must adhere to our standard of being 85% completed on site.
    NOTE: your plein air submissions are not judged for quality, but rather as confirmation of your commitment to the pursuit of painting outdoors.

  • Request the GVPAP Associate Artist Application.

Upon review of your inquiry and jpegs of plein air paintings, you will receive an application via email. You may then:

  • Complete and return the Associate Artist Membership application via mail;

  • Include a check for membership dues of $35 for program year October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. (Note: all memberships are renewed by October 1.)

Thank you for your interest!
~GVPAP Board of Directors

Gilbert Jordan, Signature Artist painting a watercolor at the 2014 GVPAP annual meeting

Gilbert Jordan, Signature Artist painting a watercolor at the 2014 GVPAP annual meeting

It’s opener, out there, in the wide, open air.
— Dr. Suess